Webinar: 10am Thursday 19 March 2020 / CPD 45 mins
Join Martin Lines, Business Development Director, and Peter Ellis, CEO of Spire Platform Solutions, to discuss the future of sustainable retirement income planning. This will include a new solution which can add real value to advice by specifically addressing longevity risks within drawdown portfolios.
Advisers have access to a range of components to construct drawdown portfolios for your clients. Various strategies are used to ensure clients retain flexibility and opportunity for asset growth in a tax efficient environment. These will also include techniques to reduce exposure to volatility and sequence risks.

But what about longevity and the associated risks of running short or out of money?

Following pension freedoms and the adoption of flexi-access drawdown by mid-net worth clients, it’s widely accepted that, the risks associated with managing accumulated assets and investing for income in retirement have increased significantly for both clients and advisory firms.

Many advisers use techniques such as ‘probability’, ‘bucketing’ and/or multi-asset portfolios to match a client’s attitude to risk. In doing so they may also mitigate volatility and sequencing risks. However, other than including annuities within retirement income planning, no solution has been able to remove longevity risk completely. That’s the risk of being unable to deliver desired levels of income or exhausting the pension pot within the client’s lifetime, and/or being unable to pass on anticipated assets to beneficiaries.

Recent studies show that addressing the longevity risk early can also serve to reduce the volatility and sequencing issues. Furthermore, by scaling down the proportion of the portfolio allocated to mitigate these, the aim to achieve long-term growth can be generated by the freed up assets.

Creating an environment where clients get good outcomes, as we all know continues to be a focus for the regulator. In fact, the FCA recently signalled its intention to put suitability of advice and associated disclosure further under the microscope in their ‘Dear CEO’ letter.
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